Celsus Women's Insulated Monosuit


Celsus is our latest addition to the snowmobile monosuit range, made specifically for women who get cold quickly, have fuller figures or just enjoy a loose fit. It's fully insulated, and of course 100% wind and water proof. It has all the usual functions of a high-quality monosuit for the demanding snowmobile rider, like plenty of pockets, Kevlar reinforced areas and comfy, adjustable suspenders. Get ready for winter adventures on the mountain or on the trail!


Ekta Monosuit Insulated

The insulated Ekta monosuit is a classic, high-tech snowmobile suit for women. While most of our gear is unisex, the Ekta monosuit was designed specifically for ladies with high demands on their snowmobile and outerwear gear. It has plenty of practical pockets, focused ventilation, and a padded drop seat which makes it perfect for long rides or all-day skiing.


Tiro V2/V3 Monosuit Insulated

Tiro V3 monosuit packs all the perks of a high-quality snowmobile coverall in a minimalistic design. It’s got a removable hood, large pockets, and reinforced knees fabrics. It’s 100% wind and waterproof, and you can get it both insulated for maximum warmth, and non-insulated for flexible layering. Tiro gives you a lot of bang for the buck, without compromising on usability and comfort on the trail.