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High-Accuracy Level, Box, 2' L, Aluminum, 3, Non-Magnetic
High accuracy vial with big bubble and 3 black lines each side
Environmentally-friendly fluorescent liquid inside, which is anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-electrostatic drift
High strength aluminum profile
Enhanced cross section design has high anti-bending resistance, so as to ensure constant accurage and reliability
Rubber handle cover features an ergonomic design for added comfort
The end caps are covered by 2-component TPR material, making it anti-impact
CNC milled bottom ensures a high accuracy reference base
16.51 $ 16.51 CAD
107.07 $ 107.07000000000001 CAD
ALUMINUM LEVEL 300MM / 12 Inch InSize
Shockproof horizontal and vertical vials
• Magnetic base
• Shock absorbing rubber end caps
• Working temperature: 5ºF-131ºF
• Vials made in Israel – Lifetime warranty
30.40 $ 30.400000000000002 CAD
23.15 $ 23.150000000000002 CAD
48.72 $ 48.72 CAD
The INSIZE 4913-250 Cast Aluminum Level has the following specifications:

Size: 10″
Accuracy: .006in/ft

Shockproof horizontal and vertical vials
Magnetic base
Working temperature: -15°C~55°C
Casting aluminum body
27.65 $ 27.650000000000002 CAD
15.30 $ 15.3 CAD